You two have more fights than Madison Square Garden.
— Farrah to Amy

Farrah (Cooper as of "Burnt Toast") is Amy's mom and works as a reporter and Meteorologist for WTXS.

She is portrayed by Rebecca McFarland


Farrah was excited to learn to Amy was going to be a girl during her pregnancy as she imagined them doing stereotypical girly things like shopping and talking about boys. She had a on-and-off relationship with her first husband Hank that resulted in their divorce when Amy was little. She's had multiple husbands since then according to her daughter, and often cheats on her spouse with the next guy. Farrah met Bruce on Christian Mingle, and he moved into her house along with Lauren sometime before the pilot. She's worked as at a local weather station for several years.

Season One

An initial glimpse of Farrah is given in the Pilot while Amy is talking on the phone with Karma in the morning.

In the Homecoming Out episode we learn more about her character and the relationship with her daughter. She is a republican with conservative views and struggles with accepting her daughter's sexuality.

She gets along very well with her stepdaughter Lauren, enough to make her Maid of Honor in Remember the Croquembouche.

She officially becomes a Cooper after marrying Bruce in Burnt Toast, where she grounds Amy for dancing with Karma at the reception.

Season Two

The morning after her wedding, Farrah sees a naked Liam climbing out of Amy's room and is overjoyed.

When Amy and Lauren find a motel key in the laudry, they discover Farrah is sneaking around with Amy's father Hank.

In School's Out, Farrah and Bruce announce to Amy and Lauren that they are getting a divorce.