I love you too, Amy. More than anyone else on Earth.
— Karma to Amy
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Characters shipped: Karma and Amy
Status: Kissed
Best Friends
Fake Ex-Girlfriends
Rivals: Liam-Karma Relationship
Portrayed by: Katie Stevens
Rita Volk

The Karma-Amy Relationship more commonly called  Karmy, is the romantic and friendship pairing between Karma and Amy.


Karma and Amy are best friends and will always have their backs for each other. They know a lot about each other and will always be there to comfort one another. They have been best friends for more than 10 years; since kindergarden.

In the first episode "Pilot" they are mistaken for lesbians. Shane nominates them for homecoming queens because he believes they're worried about people not accepting them for who they are. At first, Karma and Amy are shocked and mad but once their new relationship helps them gain popularity, Karma suggests that they just keep pretending. Their act is almost revealed when Lauren tells the whole school that they're faking it. However to prove them wrong, Amy kisses Karma. When the break apart, Karma says "Way to sell it!" while Amy looks shocked. This is when she first starts developing feelings for Karma.



  • They talked on the phone.
  • Amy was aiding Karma while she was pretending to be blind.
  • Karma smiled when Amy insulted Lauren.
  • Amy said that she needs to find Karma.
  • They both get outed.
  • They get elected homecoming queens.
  • Karma said that they should fake being lesbians.
  • Amy apologizes to Karma after insulting her and Liam's relationship.

Burnt Toast

Amy admits her true feelings for Karma—that she is in love with her.


Karma and Amy - Demons

Karma and Amy - Demons


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  • Their song is "Straight Up" by Paula Abdul. They even have a choreography for it.
  • They both lost their virginity to Liam Booker.