Characters shipped: Liam and Amy
Status: Kissed
Portrayed by: Gregg Sulkin
Rita Volk

The Liam-Amy Relationship (less commonly known as Liamy) is the platonic and sexual pairing between Liam Booker and Amy Raudenfeld



Season 1



Liam and Amy first met when Lauren was arguing with Amy and Karma and Shane and Liam joined in, causing Lauren to walk away in a rage. They don't directly speak, as Liam seems to mostly be talking to Karma, and Amy to Shane. Liam believes that Karma and Amy are lesbians after this exchange takes place. When coming across a kissing Liam and Karma, Amy looks on in shock, and gets fed up when Karma can't stop gushing over Liam and their new popularity at school.

Homecoming Out

Liam is opposed to continuing a sexual relationship with Karma because he doesn't want to break her and Amy up, but ends up changing his mind when Karma tells him she and Amy have an open relationship. When Karma tells Amy she's in a secret sexy relationship with Liam, and wants to have sex with Liam, Amy is shocked. She tries to talk her out of it in a subtle way, but Karma catches on that she is upset over the new information. She expresses her disapproval again when Karma tells her she's gonna have sex with Liam during the Homecoming Dance. She later seems to get over her fury, as she tells Karma she's proud of her for having sex with Liam. But at Karma's declaration that she didn't have sex with Liam, and won't until she makes him fall in love with her, Amy has a look of concern.

We Shall Overcompensate

While Karma throws herself into the protest because Liam is into it, Amy silently disapproves and spends the episode avoiding the protest and looking for a secret-sexy boyfriend for herself. When Karma sings her new love song, Amy is at first pleased, but ends up walking out of the audience jealous when she realizes the song is for Liam, and not her. She argues with Karma over her obsession with Liam.

Remember the Croquembouche

Amy lets Karma tell her about her relationship drama with Liam. Liam comes to the realization that the reason he couldn't have sex with Karma in the last episode, Know Thy Selfie, was because she was dating Amy, and he has too much "integrity". When he talks to Karma to end things, Karma suggests that they all engage in a threesome.

Three to Tango

Faking Up Is Hard to Do

Burnt Toast

Season 2

The Morning Aftermath