I made you some chamomile tea.

Your chart indicates a major cosmic shift that might upset your tummy.

— Molly

Molly is Karma and Zen's mother. She is very liberal and lives a 'hippie' lifestyle with her husband Lucas, with which she runs a Juice Truck ("Good Karma").

She is portrayed by Amy Farrington .


An initial glimpse of Molly is given in the Pilot while Karma is talking on the phone with Amy in the morning. We learn more about her character in Homecoming Out, where we find out that she and her husband are thrilled that Karma has come out as a lesbian, enough to join PFLAG (Parents, Friends and Family of Lesbians and Gays). In Know Thy Selfie we see how her and Lucas run 'Good Karma' the Juice Truck and she becomes aquainted with Liam. In Burnt Toast we see her consoling Karma.