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  Oliver is a supporting character of Faking it

Oliver is portrayed by August Roads.


We Shall Overcompensate

Oliver is first introduced holding rolls of toilet paper. He and Amy go through a short conversation about selling the merchandise before noticing Karma trying to chain herself to the door. He is seen again after Karma introduces to Hunger Strike by asking Amy if she wants to get out of the chaos.

We see Oliver once more, leading Amy into the security camera room as he tells her about how he had to go through a long process before getting the keys to get into the room. He is shown to be a witty sarcastic character in this scene. He is shown to have many things in common with Amy as they speak, such as both their desires to go to college as soon as possible. He compliments Amy on how pretty she is. They both lean in for a kiss but Oliver stops it when he realizes it's wrong, he belives she is not interested and he respects that.

Later, after the whole hunger strike went to riot he brings Amy pizza. To his surprise Amy kisses him and in shock he drops the pizza. He is seen smiling and at that point his crush on Amy develops.

Know Thy Selfie

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Faking Up Is Hard to Do

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Nuclear Prom

Amy finds Oliver to ask him out to prom, but finds him with another girl who seems very friendly with him(she has blond hair and is wearing a very similar outfit to the one Amy wore in the pilot).