Characters shipped: Reagan and Amy
Status: Kissed
Rivals: Karmy
Portrayed by: Yvette Monreal
Rita Volk

The Reagan-Amy Relationship more commonly called Reamy is the romantic pairing between Reagan and Amy.


Amy and Reagan used to be in a serious relationship. They are currently friends.


Lying Kings and Drama Queens

Lyingkings reamy

At Liam's house, Amy was locked in a back room and Reagan happened to be there stocking up the food. Reagan referred to her as "shrimp girl" for previously stuffing her face with shrimp in order to embarrass Liam. Reagan also questioned Amy about her "boyfriend", and Amy replied saying she doesn't have any boyfriends around her.

The Ecstasy and the Agony

Theecstasy reamy

Amy accidently bumps into Reagan's cart full of her DJ equipment, and scolds her, not knowing it was Reagan. Reagan then invites Amy to come up and see her later on as she DJ's. Shane convinces her to go up and Amy asks Reagan to go out with her and the two formerly introduce themselves. 

Date Expectations

Reagan and Amy goes bowling, and Reagan introduces Amy to her friends. Reagan brings up Amy's friends, to which she is unsure how to reply. The two plan a date at Communal, but are surprised by Shane and Duke. Shane, who had organized a 'group hang,' also managed to invite Karma. Drama develops between Karma and Reagan as they vie for Amy's affection. Picking up on territorial signals, Reagan, hurt, leaves. Amy is urged by Liam to go after her, as he notices how into Reagan she is. Karma moves to follow her, only to be stopped by Liam, who explains that Amy "wants Reagan" and that the two need to be given space, that Amy and Reagan's relationship is not about her.

Reagan agrees to be Amy's girlfriend, and the two kiss.

Zen and the Art of Pageantry

Amy's mother makes Amy mad when she says she couldn't win a beauty pageant and decides to enter to prove her wrong. Reagan comes up with an idea for Amy to advocate how downgrading beauty pageants are during the question round. Amy initially agrees but then she backs out. However, Lauren gets fed up and unintentionally goes with Reagan's plans. During the pageant, Amy's mother congratulates Amy and says how proud she is of her, and tells Amy to invite Reaga n to dinner sometime. Prompted by Amy not introducing her as her girlfriend, Reagan expresses her insecuriteis related to an ex that referred to her as a "phase." The two talk, and Amy quells her fears as the two kiss. Later that night, Reagan and Amy have sex for the first time.

Karmic Retribution

The Reamy relationship only appears at the beginning of the episode where the two wake up after having sex. Reagan wants to leave because she has to cater another woman's party, till Amy reads Liam's text. Reagan comments that Amy is "a fast learner" and leaves.