Faking It was renewed for a second season on June 9th, 2014.Season Two debuted on September 23rd, 2014. MTV ordered 10 episodes, while the previous season had 8.On October 21, 2014 MTV ordered ten more episodes for a season 2B.This brings the season to 20 and the show to 28 overall.


Faking It Official Trailer (Season 2) MTV

Faking It Official Trailer (Season 2) MTV

Season 2A Official Trailer

Faking It First Look (Season 2) MTV-0

Faking It First Look (Season 2) MTV-0

Season 2B Official Trailer


  •  Amy is racked with guilt after the events of the Season One finale and has to make an awkward trip to the pharmacy.
  • Shane gets in over his head while trying to pacify a drunk biker chick who has just been in an argument with her boyfriend.
  • A new student transfers to Hester High, hitting it off with Liam and Lauren.
  • A game of truth or dare goes sideways when Karma tries to find out Lauren's secret.(Source)
  • Episode 3, titled “Lust in Translation”, will see Karma ready for Amy to move on and fall for someone else, but is Amy ready? Shane ropes Liam into a double date which ends badly when Karma shows up. (Source)
  • Episode 4 will see Liam take Amy on a date to meet his parents, Karma will try her hand at pole dancing and we will be introducted to a new (potentially serious) love interest for one of the characters(Source)
  • The first table read for Season 2 occurred on July 25th, 2014(Source)
  • Filming began on August 13th, 2014(Source)

Part A Episodes

Image No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. viewers
2.01 The Morning After Claire Scanlon Carter Covington  Sept 23rd, 2014 1.04
Amy's mother begins to think Amy is straight after catching Liam sneaking out of their house. Liam has a hard time keeping the secret from Karma, and Karma thinks Amy is avoiding her because she isn't in love with Amy.
2.02 You Can't Handle The Truth or Dare Claire Scanlon Carter Covington  Sept 30th, 2014 0.75
Karma and Amy must deal with the tension between them during a girls' weekend; Liam's new friend takes him to a dive bar, making Shane jealous. Meanwhile, a game of truth or dare goes sideways when Lauren tries to find out Amy's secret.
2.03 Lust in Translation Joe Nussbaum Diana Metzger Oct 7th, 2014 0.73
Brazilians arrive at school, amping up hormones at the school; Karma tries to get Amy to fall for someone else; Lauren is in charge of the welcome party.
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2.04 Lying Kings and Drama Queens Joe Nussbaum Wendy Goldman Oct 14th, 2014 0.65
Amy crashes a party at Liam's house. Meanwhile Karma, Shane, and Lauren fight for a spot in Hester's drama club.
2.05 Present Tense Lee Rose TBA Oct 21st, 2014 0.71
Amy plans a scavenger hunt for Karma's 16th birthday, Meanwhile Liam, Shane, Theo and Lauren attend an MMA class.
2.06 The Ecstasy and the Agony Lee Rose Dan Steele Oct 28th, 2014 0.69
Liam makes an embarrassing mistake, Meanwhile Shane and Amy invite Lauren to an underground dance party.
2.07 Date Expectations Patrick Rose Carrie Rosen Nov 4th, 2014 0.67
Amy and Reagan seem to be going strong and Karma is feeling left out. Shane manipulates Karma into crashing Amy and Reagan's date with a "group hang" in order for Shane to hang out in public with his closeted "trainer," Duke. Amy and Reagan, Shane and Duke, Karma and Liam, and Lauren and Theo all end up having dinner together at Communal. The night is wrought with tension and things go awry for some of the couples.
2.08 Zen and the Art of Pageantry Erin Ehrlich Stefanie Leder Nov 11th, 2014 0.67
Amy and Lauren go head to head in a beauty pageant to vie for Amy's mom's affection. Karma figures out ways to tell her parents that she is dating Liam. Meanwhile, Shane spends time with his new boyfriend, whose new sponsor, it turns out, is a homophobic fast-food restaurant.
2.09 Karmic Retribution Jamie Travis George Northy Nov 18th, 2014 0.85
The aftermath of Liam and Amy's secret being revealed to Karma, is played out in a social experiment leading to an all out war with Amy struggling to tell Karma the truth while Liam is bashed. Meanwhile, Lauren becomes insecure in her relationship when she and Theo are placed in different social groups.
2.10 Busted Jamie Travis Carter Covington & Carrie Rosen Nov 25th, 2014 0.89
To distract herself from Theo, Lauren plans to run for school president only to find her plans thwarted when she learns that Shane is also running for similar reasons. Meanwhile Theo reveals himself as Anthony, an undercover narcotics officer, who arrests Karma's parents and Karma under suspicion of dealing drugs. Amy has herself arrested as well in an attempt to get Karma to forgive her for having slept with Liam.

Part B Episodes

Image No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. viewers
2.11 Stripped Jamie Travis Carter Covington Aug 31st, 2015 .92
When a new Principal cracks down on Hester, Shane leads a revolt. Amy suspects Karma is hiding something.
2.12 The Revengers: Age of the Monocle Jamie Travis Carter Covington Sept 7th, 2015 .55
Shane and Amy help Lauren get revenge on Theo. Karma and Reagan have to work together.
2.13 Future Tense Erin Ehrlich Wendy Goldman Sept 14th, 2015 .44
A college fair makes Amy question her future. Liam suspects he's found his real dad.
2.14 Saturday Fight Live Erin Ehrlich Dan Steele Sept 21st, 2015 .40
Lauren and Amy think one of their parents is having an affair.Shane and Karma feel insecure about their relationships.
2.15 Boiling Point Jamie Travis Stefanie Leder Sept 28th, 2015 .58
Tension comes to a head when the gang gets detention.
2.16 Faking It... Again N/A N/A Oct 5th, 2015 N/A
2.17 Prom Scare N/A N/A Oct 12th, 2015 N/A
2.18 Nuclear Prom N/A N/A Oct 19th, 2015 N/A
2.19 The Deep End N/A N/A Oct 26th, 2015 N/A
2.20 School's Out N/A N/A Nov 2nd, 2015 N/A