"Burn! That was so cold, your nipples are showing. Ew! Made you look."
— Shane to Lauren in Homecoming Out

First Met

Before Pilot



Portrayed By

Michael Willett and Bailey Buntain

This is the relationship between Shane Harvey and Lauren Cooper. Their relationship is very antagonistic but as the series progresses they become somewhat friendly. We first see them interact in the pilot but based on this interaction it is implied that they have met before. Shane going as far as to apologize to Amy and Karma for her behavior referring to her as a 'hairball of hate'.

Relationship Throughout The Series

In Pilot

In Homecoming Out

In We Shall Overcompensate

In Know Thy Selfie

In Remember the Croquembouche

In Three to Tango

In Faking Up Is Hard to Do

In Burnt Toast

In The Morning Aftermath

In Lust in Translation

In Lying Kings and Drama Queens

In Present Tense

In The Ecstasy and the Agony

In Date Expectations

In Zen and the Art of Pageantry

In Karmic Retribution

In Busted

In Stripped