aka Milly

  • I live in England
  • I was born on May 18
  • I am Female
  • MillyLake7

    When I first saw the trailer for faking it, I was so exicted! It was a new kind of show about gay people. I am gay and at the time I wasn't out. So it was nice to see a gay series. I fell madly in love with Amy straight the way! She is just perfect in every way, shape and form! When I fall for the characters I just wanna watch every episode straight the way. So after watching the first series I was hooked. Faking it also helped me come out. I wanted Karmy to get together so bad, I still ship them! Karma is my second favourtie character, I feel she is miss understood though. She definitely has more than friend feelings for Amy, but she hasn't accepted it to her self yet. Maybe in series three she will finally see how much she really does li…

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