To be honest I’ve heard pretty terrible things about both of you but I’m gonna do my best to decide which of you is least likely to entrap me in your inevitable web of lies
— Wade to Karma and Shane

Wade is a supporting character in Faking It.

He is portrayed by Cameron Moulène.


Wade is introduced during the PFLAG party while Shane's mother tells her son to talk to him. During the party, Shane and Wade seem to get approached since both passed through a recent breakup. He is Karma's partner on chemistry classes. Both Karma and Shane have a crush on him and fight each other to get his attention for the Hester's prom. When both go talk to him, he tells Karma and Shane he is bisexual and that he already had a girlfriend called Earon, which Shane misspells "Aaron", thinking it was a boy. During the prom, the three of them agree to have a threesome - manly caused by Liam's affair with Shane's sister - that is interrupted by Wade claiming he still loves his ex girlfriend and was using them just to forget her. Besides what Karma and Shane told about their night at the motel, during the party at Amy's house, Wade denies it, telling Liam and Amy what actually happened at the threesome. After that, he is seen back again with his ex girlfriend, Earon.


  • He is the first confirmed bisexual character on the show.
  • His parents are therapists.
  • He is probably the bisexual boy which Lauren's father refers during the PFLAG party.
  • He tells Karma he is obsessed with "The Bachelor", a television reality show.
  • Apparently, like Shane, he likes Paula Adbul.